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Pro Sports Are Still Plenty Racist [Video]

A comedy sketch demonstrating the double standard when it comes to dealing with racism in professional sports.
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For those who prefer their sports without the taint of bigotry, it was a sweet moment when the NBA took such swift and decisive action in dealing with L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling. There's no place for that kind of blatant prejudice in sports. No sir, there isn't. When Commissioner Adam Silver got hip to Sterling's attitudes, he nipped it in the bud. You can't let these things go on and on, it only gets worse, and then one day you have a deeply ingrained racism that some people have a hard time seeing.

Say, if you had a bunch of teams named after people who were nearly eliminated through genocide... and one of those teams used a racial slur for its nickname... and another had an incredibly racist caricature for a team logo. That would be really insensitive and unjust. Thank goodness in this modern age we don't tolerate racism in sports toward any groups.

Umm... right?

Enjoy this excellent sketch by All Def Digital:

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