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Pro-Golfer Rickie Fowler Featured on Cover of Red Bull’s Magazine

Rickie Fowler give you wings! Navajo pro-golfer makes the cover of Red Bull's "The Bulletin."

Continuing to grab the attention of fans worldwide, Navajo Pro-Golfer Rickie Fowler has now been featured on the July 2016 cover of Red Bull’s The Red Bulletin magazine. As the fifth-ranked golfer in the world, Fowler joins the group of elite athletes, olympians and daredevils that are featured in the magazine each month.

In the feature article entitled, Don’t Stop Me Now, Fowler explains his enthusiasm for competing in the upcoming olympics in golf, and answers to the assertions of his fans of being the “best dressed, best looking, most colorful and most fun to watch,” golfer in the PGA.

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At 27 years old, Rickie Yutaka Fowler -- who now has over 1.2 million followers on Twitter and over $25 million dollars in career earnings-- told The Red Bulletin he has an edge since he crossed from the sport of dirt bikes and made his way to golf.

“You don’t see many guys coming from action sports into golf,” he said. “I like to push the limits. I like noise. That’s why I like the tournament in Phoenix --that’s a loud golf tournament. Coming down the stretch with this huge rowdy crowd yelling their heads off-- to me, that’s a good time.”

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Fowler also told The Red Bulletin’s Kevin Cook, that his culture from his Navajo grandmother and Japanese grandfather influenced him to have a positive outlook on life.

“That can be pretty tough when you’re playing professional golf...but I’m working on it. And when people talk about immigration, I feel pretty Navajo, ‘Yeah, I was here first! Except for us Native Americans, everybody’s an immigrant.’”

Fowler also talked about his venturing into the majors golf tournaments and the Olympics.

“There hasn’t been golf in the Olympics for 100 years, How cool would it be to win a gold medal and hear the national anthem?”

Check out his article in the magazine or online.

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