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President Trump Must Order the ‘Brown Shirts’ to Stand Down

The campaign rhetoric of Donald Trump and exhortations to his base of various supporters encouraged them to exclude the “others” that he used as scapegoats.

Donald Trump’s campaign rhetoric and exhortations to his base of various supporters encouraged them to exclude the “others” that he used as scapegoats—sometimes overtly and sometimes implied—to beat them up, throw them out and exclude them. And that is exactly what they did by physically attacking the “others” who were not like them.

“Make America Great Again” was, and still is, a call to Make America White Again which, in and of itself, is a call to maintain white people as the ruling class even in light of shifting population demographics that will make white Americans a minority. There is some evidence we have already crossed that line. The fear of being in the minority, and the fear of being treated as they have historically treated minority and colored segments of America’s population, was not awakened solely by Trump. That fear has been used as a strategy by the Republican Party for decades. It really became a political force in the last 50 years as GOP strategists developed and refined the subliminal message of fear which now has become an overt message of fear of a non-white takeover in the Trump era.


Since the beginning of his administration, and evidenced by the people Trump has surrounded himself with who preach or support white nationalism, white supremacy, racial segregation, racial superiority, and white rule, it was predictable that hate groups would be encouraged to come out of the dark and attack anyone who is non-white, non-Christian and/or included in the codeword “they.”

We are now experiencing overt acts of murder, maiming, mass shootings, and covert planning for political activity that aims to institutionalize white supremacy and white rule not only on the federal level, but also at the state level. It is not confined to the fringe alt-right groups who now may feel they have a “license to kill” under this administration. This includes those whose political strategy calls for non-white voter suppression and disenfranchisement of large segments of the population who would resist a White Minority Rule.

I hate to use the analogy of the rise of the National Socialist Party in Germany after WWI because it’s too convenient. But the “playbook” used by the National Socialist German Worker’s Party after the draconian measures taken against Germany in the 1999 Treaty of Versailles, is a perfect guide for any politician running on a strategy of white nationalism and White Minority Rule. This “genie” was let out of the bottle long before Trump was a candidate for POTUS. It was, and still is, part and parcel of the GOP “One Party Domination Playbook.”

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So, what strategies were incorporated in the political playbook that resulted in Trump’s election by the electoral college, but not by the popular vote?

A non-exclusive list:

  • Portray the white and Christian population as “victims” or “outsiders” in “their” own country.
  • Attack and nullify the Free Press by declaring it to be an enemy of the people, and the spreader of fake news, and replace it with propaganda built on “alternative facts” and the repetition of misinformation. This allows little lies leading to big lies that become fact in the mind of the populace who don’t mind being lied to as long as they benefit from the empowerment of their segment of the population. They will shut their eyes, ears and mouth as long as they are the beneficiaries.
  • Scapegoat vulnerable and historically marginalized segments of the population as the root of all problems that must be remedied to “Make America Great Again,” targeting ethnic minorities, immigrants, religious minorities, the poor and non-male whites.
  • Empower segments of the population who will be beneficiaries of the new brand of “nationalism” as the elite and favored group so that they see personal benefit in supporting the nationalist agenda, and potential personal loss if they don’t. (You either join the movement or be relegated to the class of “others,” and besides, you are superior to the others.)
  • Encourage violence as a privilege of the favored supporters of nationalism (e.g. post WWI Brown Shirts of the National Socialist Worker’s Party in Germany) against the “others” who would prevent the institutionalization of white nationalist minority rule. Empower this violently radical segment of the nationalist supporters at first rhetorically, and later by law and policy, that essentially is the empowerment of a non-governmental military force. This attracts disenfranchised white nationalists and white supremacists, and encourages them to take action and justify what would ordinarily be criminal activity.
  • Empower the military industrial complex by utilizing the national wealth to enrich corporations and corporate owners by the production of products and technologies that support perpetual warfare and ensure support of white nationalism.
  • Eliminate laws and regulations that hamper the coalition of corporate business and government political control, and pass laws that favor industry and instills a sense of empowerment and acceptability of a war based economy. (This historically has been the basis of fascism or authoritarian rule.)
  • Pass laws that eliminate others’ ability to control or mitigate unbridled exploitation of the national wealth including natural resources and privatize resources that are essential to life, such as water and food production.
  • Pass laws and implement policies that facilitate the expropriation of wealth from other countries’ resources, and utilize the purpose of “National Security” to justify regime change, sometimes by force.


The list goes on, but you get the picture. America has been heading for this collision of the Democratic Republic ideals in the Constitution with the monied classes worked into the drafting of the Constitution. Unfortunately, the monied class and the party that has supported their rule now seems to view the installation of an authoritarian government under the control of corporate America as the wave of the future. This is not a new philosophy; it adheres to Ayn Rand’s “survival of the fittest philosophy” (the fittest being the wealthy and their upper class corporate minions).

President Trump encouraged the rise of these hate groups that are now killing and maiming people. He should now tell them to stand down, that they are not doing his bidding with these actions. It took him four days to even acknowledge the tragedy in Portland, and since then a young Native American man was killed and others attacked by individuals spewing hatred against Indians. Of course, these attacks by white supremacists have aroused a backlash of attacks on whites by people of color, some fatal. Does this POTUS want to preside over the American Race War or Ethnic Cleansing Civil War? It sure looks that way. But, I guess that was in the Post WW I German Nationalists’ Playbook too.

Harold Monteau, is a Chippewa Cree Attorney writing from New Mexico and can be reached at or Facebook.