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President Re-Elect Barack Obama, in Beads, by Marcus Amerman

An image of President Barack Obama created by beadworker Marcus Maerman from a poster by Shepard Fairey
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The day after President Barack Obama's re-election victory, his supporters are taking to social media with positive images -- and it's our experience (your mileage may vary) that the supporters of his Republican opponent, Mitt Romney, are behaving civilly and graciously.

Hope, perhaps.

One image we're seeing from our contacts on Facebook is the above beaded portrait of Barack Obama by Marcus Amerman, Choctaw, an award-winning bead artist known for his incredibly precise and realistic depictions in a medium often associated with abstract, geometrical patterns.

Amerman's portrait is based on the famous HOPE poster created by Shepard Fairey for Barack Obama's 2008 Presidential election campaign. Fairey is known as a poster artist and the creative force behind OBEY Giant apparel; additionally, his work has specifically touched Indian country in recent years. Fairey is one of the artists who has worked with photographer Aaron Huey to create posters based on Huey's documentary images of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. Two of these works that have been passed around Indian country quite a bit are below, "We Are Still Here" and "The Black Hills Are Not For Sale."

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