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Powerlifter Ray Fougnier, 71, Wins Five Medals at World Powerlifting Championships

Powerlifter Ray Fougnier, 71, Wins Five Medals at World Powerlifting Championships
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Press Release -- The Oneida Indian Nation today applauds its 71 year-old Wolf Clan member Ray Fougnier for his stellar performance at the 2014 International Powerlifting Federation World Championships in South Africa earlier this month. Fougnier, whose travel was sponsored by the Oneida Nation, medaled in each of the three powerlifting events – squat, benchpress and deadlift, and earned the overall silver medal for his masters weight division. He also received, at the tournament, his U.S. national champion medal, the achievement which qualified him for the worldwide powerlifting championships.

Along with fellow medal winners, Fougnier was honored during an awards ceremony similar to that of the Olympics where the victors had the medals placed around their necks and stood on a tiered podium as the national anthems from each country played. Fougnier described the event as having an overwhelming sense of camaraderie, despite language barriers between competitors.

After bringing home for the United States the overall silver medal, benchpress bronze medal, silver medal for the squat and the gold medal for the deadlift event, Fougnier says he felt pleased about the competition, but continues to strive to improve. He will participate in the USA Powerlifting (USAPL) Raw National Championships in Denver, Colorado, next month, where he hopes to once again qualify for the world championships to be held in June 2015 in Finland.

Fougnier, a retired teacher who grew up on the Oneida Nation’s homelands in Central New York and now lives in Tennessee, only joined the sport within the past year. He views his success in competitive powerlifting as a unique opportunity to encourage exercise and healthy living in Native Americans, particular children, whose communities face many ongoing health issues.

“It was such an honor to represent the United States and the Oneida Nation at this prestigious international competition,” said Fougnier. “Health and fitness have always been a priority for me, but it is my hope that with this new national and international platform, I can serve as a positive role model who helps inspire Native peoples and children to embrace an active lifestyle.”

Oneida Indian Nation Representative Ray Halbritter said: “I would like to applaud Ray Fougnier for his fantastic performance at the world powerlifting championships. We continue to be inspired by his rugged determination, which mirrors the underlying values of the Nation. We are proud of all that he has already achieved, and look forward to watching Ray’s continued success.”

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