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Pow Wow Weekend Planner


As another glorious pow wow season draws to a close, we here at Indian Country can’t help but get nostalgic. We covered the epic celebrations, from the Denver March Pow Wow and the Gathering of Nations in Albuquerque, New Mexico, to the Crow Fair in Montana. We’ve covered the more intimate events, from the Nipmuck 31st Annual Pau Wau in Massachusetts and the United Tribes International Pow Wow in North Dakota to the Klamath Tribe’s 25th Annual Restoration Celebration in Oregon. One thing they all had in common is they were all special.

The pow wow season is not over quite yet. If you’re like us, and you just can’t get enough, here are some upcoming events to keep you in the pow wow spirit. So if you’re in California or Texas, Florida or Kansas, even if you’re in Sin City itself, the below pow wows will keep your toes tapping and your smile wide.

The Annual SACNAS Pow Wow at the National Conference

When: October 29

Where: The San Jose Civic Center in San Jose, California

As their website says, SACNAS is a society of scientists “dedicated to advancing Hispanic/Chicanos and Native Americans in science.” The pow wow caps this important weekend for SACNAS, whose motto for the conference is “Empowering Innovation and Synergy Through Diversity.” It is one of the largest annual gathering of minority scientists in the country. The pow wow starts at 9pm on October 29, and is free for community college students in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Contact: Annabel Ortiz, (831) 459-0170


8th Annual Las Vegas Intertribal 2011 Pow Wow

When: October 29 – 30

Where: Silver Bowl Sport Complex (behind the baseball stadium), Las Vegas, Nevada.

Representing many tribes, the intertribal pow wow was founded “to create a community forum to honor our Veterans and Elders, emphasizing intercultural Indigenous Native sensitivity, celebrating tribal traditions, and promoting the positive aspects of our intertribal First Nations peoples,” according to their website.

Contact: (702) 369-8642,


Awi Akta District Cherokee Veterans Pow Wow

When: November 5

Where: Gage Park Zoo Big Shelter House, Topeka, Kansas

This pow wow honors all past and present veterans. Gourd dancing will begin at 6pm. The Grand Entry will include the Topeka West JROTC Color Guard. There will also be social dancing, an Honored Veteran Ceremony, craft and food booths. Your head drum will be Horsehoe Lake. Admission is free.

Contact: Mike Ballard, (785) 272-5489,

The 20th Annual Austin Powwow and American Indian Heritage Festival

When: November 5

Where: The Toney Burger Center, Sunset Valley, Texas

This pow wow was created in an effort to “preserve the traditions, heritage and culture of American Indians, and to support the educational and health needs of their youth and families,” according to their website.

Contact: (512) 371-0628,


The 25th Annual AIA Orlando Powwow

When: November 4-6

Where: Central Florida Fairgrounds, Orlando Florida

This pow wow will be packed with entertainment, with Painted Raven, an Ameriacn Indian music duo, playing, as well as flutist Utah Farris and Farris’ flute group, A Gathering of Elders. Hoop dancer Otter Big Mountain will be on hand to wow the crowd.