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Portland State University Salmon Bake


On May 26, YouTube user Straygos posted a video of the Portland State University Salmon Bake, a campus tradition hosted by the United Indian Students for Higher Education. The purpose of the event is to support Native American students on campus.

"It's just really important for me to be involved in the school community," one student says in the video. "Coming from the reservation and moving down here to Portland it was nice to be around that Native community outside of it (reservation) in the city."

"We're doing it in the traditional style. Some people use cedar, I use dogwood," says one of the students. "We also have bamboo skewers which is not quite traditional but it's a lot of work to make your own. That's a lot of skewers to whittle. We don't do anything to the fish, just put it on the stick and put it over the fire, the wood gives it a natural flavor."