Poisoned at the Friendship Feast: 'More Than 200 Haunt These Hills'

Native American student Connor Larkin wrote this poem as a remembrance to the ancestors his tribe lost during the California genocide.

Connor Larkin isn’t a professional writer or poet. He is a teenager, an activist and a member of the Trinity Norrelmuk Wintu Nation.

He wrote the following poem in a literature class at Yucca Valley High School in Yucca Valle, California.

A So Called Friendship Feast

A group of settlers wanted their land

The Wintu Indians did not understand

All that they owned they were willing to share

But the settlers didn’t care

Off by themselves they planned and schemed

The land would belong to them no matter the deed

“These natives are foolish. They think we are their friends.”

“We will throw a great feast, we’ll poison them then.”

The Wintu were trusting, they all ate their fill

More than 200 haunt those hills still.

Note from Connor: This is a historical fact that actually happened to my ancestors in 1850

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