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PJ Vegas, Son of Redbone's Pat Vegas, Teams With Cody Blackbird

Soul and hip hop artist PJ Vegas, son of Pat Vegas of Redbone fame, and Native flutist Cody Blackbird discusses their recent musical collaboration.

PJ Vegas is a 24-year old Shoshone/Yaqui musical artist currently living in Los Angeles who has just completed his most recent single “Better Dayz,” featuring the award-winning flute player Cody Blackbird. His single is already receiving praise as part of his album PricelessTheFreeAlbum available for download on

Hoping to inspire and encourage, Vegas and Blackbird worked to create an R&B track with a bit of Native flavor introduced into the mix. 

PJ Vegas is certainly not new to the music scene: He's the son of Pat Vegas, co-founder of the immensely popular 70’s rock group Redbone, the first Native American band to ever hit the top 5 on The Billboard Hot 100 List.

Though Vegas says his musical influences are eclectic and stem from the likes of his father and such groups as the Beatles, “Hip hop and R&B have always been the nucleus,” he says. Vegas admits music is his therapy, a way to escape the pain and drama of everyday life.

PJ Vegas is the son of Pat Vegas of Redbone fame.

“When it comes to my music I want my pain to be felt, my struggle to be understood, my heart to be raw. I want to paint a picture with every verse, every beat," says Vegas.

"Better Dayz" is a product of pain: Vegas says that the track came about after a serious car accident from which he was slow to recover.

“It took me out of the game for a while," he recalls. "I could barely walk or move. All I could do was create. I was writing one day and came up with that concept. It came out great but I knew I needed something more so I brought Cody in on it and it came out really special.”

“Working with PJ was great,” says Cody Blackbird. “He is a very talented artist with a lot going for him, he has an ability to be able to capture a listener both through his amazing voice and through his poignant lyrics.”

“I believe this song will inspire the listeners it reaches," Blackbird continues. "It has such a positive and uplifting vibe. It's always important to me when being involved in a project that the song has a positive meaning, and this song definitely does! Something I have always tried to do is mix the old with the new to create a fresh sound. Using the traditional flute in contemporary music and blending the two and molding them into one, I have definitely learned to challenge the idea that the flute is only a traditional instrument."

“I’ve always grown up with a strong respect and interest in my native culture,” says Vegas. “It’s very present in my everyday life, being who my father and uncle are.”

“But I knew I had to pave my own way, so to speak, and what better way to do it then to honor my culture and my family’s hard work at the same time. You'll hear a lot of native undertones in my music. Not as far out as my dad, but it’s still there.”

To follow the career and upcoming performances of PJ Vegas follow him on twitter at @TheRealPJVegas, YouTube or on Facebook. You can also listen to "Better Dayz" on Cody Blackbird's Soundcloud page.