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Pinedale Head Start building dedicated

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PINEDALE, N.M. - Navajo Nation Speaker Lawrence T. Morgan, Iyanbito/Pinedale, and Council Delegate Young Jeff Tom, Mariano Lake/Smith Lake, attended a dedication ceremony for the new Pinedale Head Start building Jan. 16 at the Pinedale Chapter House.

Clara Daye, Pinedale Chapter coordinator, thanked Morgan for his help in securing funding for the new building. ''Speaker Morgan was very involved in the process; he was extremely helpful in securing money from the state as well. He was a major player in making this dream a reality for our Head Start children,'' she said.

Raphael Martin, Pinedale Chapter president, also thanked Morgan and the Navajo Nation Council for their continued advocacy for the Pinedale community and for the Navajo Nation.

Bernice Yazzie, program director with Navajo Head Start, reminded everyone that, ''We work for the kids so that they can move forward in education. Our jobs are to teach our children and parents need to know that they are a vital part of our program - let us continue to help each other and let's be part of our children's education together.''

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''This is a good day for the Pinedale community,'' Morgan said. ''This new building is for our kids and for our grandchildren to learn. This building will be here for many years to come. We must invest more dollars into the education of our children - it's an investment for the future of our Navajo people.''

Charles Long, legislative staff assistant with the Office of the Speaker, explained that funds for the new building came from various funding sources. The Navajo Nation Council appropriated $720,000 from the Navajo Nation General Fund, $50,000 came from the chapter's supplemental funds and the state of New Mexico chipped in $10,000 to make the facility a reality for Head Start children in Pinedale.

It was also explained that the Navajo Nation Head Start programs are a comprehensive, unique and quality program designed for eligible 3- to 5-year-old children and their families.

Head Start specializes in several family-oriented services, culturally diverse activities, community involvement and advocacy involvement.

The Navajo Nation Head Start program is an early childhood development program dedicated to assisting families prepare for the future of their children. The program's main goal is to prepare and empower children and their families for their future success by developing building blocks of stability and self-reliance.