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Philthy: City of Brotherly Love Makes Offensive Name Worse, Much Worse

A story about the Philadelphia Daily News using a racist pun to sell copy after the Phillies were beaten badly by the Cleveland Indians.
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Really, Philly? After the Philadelphia Phillies were clobbered by the Cleveland Indians yesterday, 14-2, the Philadelphia Daily News took to offensive puns today to sell copy.

The back page of today's Daily News read: "Gentlemen, Stop Your Injuns." It's unclear how this cleared the copy desk.

As the Cleveland baseball team has continued to incite the ire of those whose find their name and mascot, "Chief Wahoo," offensive, even racist, the Daily News has simply reached a new low. 

Just as the pressure has increased on the Washington Redskins to change their derogatory name, this, perhaps, will give a boost to the effort to remove stereotypical, racist Native mascots, nicknames and logos from athletics. 

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Has the Daily News crossed the line? Or is this just that, a pun, something that opposers to might find themselves being lumped in with the "tyranny of political correctness" that star Washington Redskins QB RG3 (Robert Griffin III) has tweeted about? Or even what the Motor City Madman, Ted Nugent, has railed against

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