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Pedophile Teacher’s Victims Receive $15 Million

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Belgian priest Eric Dejaeger was not the only pedophile to plague northern communities in decades past. As the recently apprehended cleric goes to court in Iqaluit, 66 victims of former teacher Ed Horne are receiving $15 million in compensation, as well as access to counseling and treatment, the Nunatsiaq News reported.

From 1971 to 1985, according to a 2004 lawsuit the victims filed against the Nunavut and Northwest Territories governments, Horne allegedly molested boys at various schools across the two territories. The settlement was reached through an “alternative dispute resolution process” that spared the victims from having to testify, the newspaper said.

Norman Tarnow, the director of legal and constitutional law for the Government of Nunavut, told the Nunatsiaq News that Nunavut will pay 44.34 per cent of the $15 million, or nearly $6.7 million, while the Northwest Territories is responsible for the rest.

This was not the first settlement regarding Horne and it may not be the last. In 2002 a group of 85 claimants won $21.5 million from the governments of Nunavut and the Northwest Territories for similar offenses, and more charges may be coming to the fore, the newspaper said.

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“There have been some new cases that have come forward just in recent months and they’re also working their way through the system,” Geoffrey Budden, an attorney for the plaintiffs, told the newspaper.