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Peace, not truce, needed

Jews do not think Palestinians are savages. Rather, many Palestinians are victims of brutal political and religious leadership that prefers death to peace when peace means accepting the world’s only Jewish state as a neighbor. (There are currently 57 Muslim countries.)

Gaza’s leaders detest everyone who doesn’t agree with them. Should the opportunity present itself, they would enthusiastically kill all the world’s infidels: Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, atheists and anyone/everyone else who doesn’t accept the teachings of the Prophet, peace be upon Him. Unless the world’s Indians, Asian and American, accept Islam, they too deserve only death. On the other hand, Gaza’s leaders will gladly accept the assistance of any such individuals in accomplishing such brutality.

Accordingly, Stanley Heller, chairperson of the self-styled Middle East Crisis Committee, asks the readers of Indian Country Today for assistance in ending the “massacre” inflicted upon Gaza’s residents [“Protest modern ‘massacre,’” Vol. 28, Iss. 32]. Instead of being honest with ICT readers, he pretends the instigators of the deaths he cites are the Israelis instead of pinning the responsibility where it actually belongs, upon the shoulders of the leaders of Hamas, the religiously motivated thugs who run Gaza.

What is needed is peace and peaceful relations between neighbors, not a truce where one party fires missiles at their neighbors, even if many of them miss. The members and leaders of Hamas, Hezbollah, Fatah, al Qudah, the Moslem Brotherhood, and all such Islamic social organizations, could live in glorious peace in figurative Gardens of Eden if only they would allow Israel to enjoy the fruits of that same peace. Clearly they, and the so-called Middle East Crisis Committee, want no part of such a solution.

– Eliot Kalman
Athens, Ohio

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