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Passamaquoddy Tribe of Maine

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A former tribal governor and the manager of the tribe's bingo operations pleaded innocent to charges of aggravated unlawful gambling arising from a state police raid three years ago. Former Gov. John Stevens, 68, of Indian Township, and Charles Devoe, 57, Princeton, remain free on their own recognizance following a Nov. 6 hearing in District Court. Judge John Romei continued the case to Dec. 18 for a probable cause hearing. Acting on a tip, state police raided the Indian Township Bingo Parlor on U.S. 1 and confiscated game tickets, bingo apparatus and about $2,000. More than 100 people, many of them elderly Passamaquoddy, were in the hall at the time. State law requires bingo operations to be licensed. Devoe and Stevens were charged after police investigated who was responsible for operating the alleged illegal activity. Although tribal members cooperated with police, they said they were upset because they believed the state had no right to be on the reservation and the raid was a violation of tribal sovereignty. In addition to two undercover police officers who were playing bingo that night, 14 uniformed officers stood by the exits as players were instructed to write their names and addresses on cards in front of them.

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