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Open letter to President Shirley, Navajo Supreme Court

I trust you are aware of New Mexico Senator Leonard Tsosie's efforts to retain his positions on both the Navajo Council and the New Mexico Legislature.

I am an objective observer in these matters, as author of my own legislation to ban Aspartame, the artificial sweetener which has such devastating and destructive effects on Navajos, and people in general. It should never have been approved and we are bringing legislation to the New Mexico legislature this session.

Sen. Tsosie is not serving ''two sovereign governments,'' as lower court hearing officer Marcella King opined recently. In the New Mexico Senate or on the Finance Council, Sen. Tsosie continually looks out for Navajo interests in terms of funding, schools, civil rights, and many other concerns of Navajo citizens of New Mexico.

I have long thought that the Navajo Nation is lucky to have such a fine and talented legislator, and was therefore astonished to read of efforts to impugn him as somehow less than effective, as if he were serving another master by coming to Santa Fe. That is preposterous.

I call upon the Navajo Supreme Court to not only affirm Sen. Tsosie as able to function brilliantly in both the New Mexico Legislature and on the Navajo Tribal Council, but to appreciate the fine work he has done in the New Mexico legislature and encourage him to do even more great work as a member of his Tribal Council. Sen. Tsosie is a public servant, and a valuable one to both New Mexico and to the Navajo Nation.

- Stephen Fox

Santa Fe, N.M.