Oneida Tribe of Wisconsin


An attempt to begin a process to remove the Oneida tribal chairman from office was voted down by tribal members May 13. The vote by the general tribal council vote was 186 to deny the resolution for removal, 21 in favor of the resolution and one abstention, Oneida spokeswoman Bobbi Webster said. "I was very satisfied with the overwhelming support, for the amount of people that showed up for that meeting," Oneida Chairman Gerald Danforth said. "It sent a clear message." The attempt to remove Danforth stemmed from a controversy over a close vote Dec. 18. Critics said Danforth violated his oath of office when he declared that an $11 million per capita payment plan had been passed but did not reconsider when doubts arose later about the count. A subsequent opinion from the tribe's law office concluded that the plan had passed and should be implemented. The May 13 meeting was forced by a 92-signature petition, initiated by Oneida member Ed Delgado. Delgado said he had expected the vote to be close, but he had "no problem" with the outcome. "I'm glad it's over," Danforth said. "We have so many more important things to be spending time on."