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Oneida Tribe of Wisconsin

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The tribe was not to blame for an accident at its casino near Green Bay that injured an elderly gambler, a Milwaukee County Circuit Court jury decided. Mary Pluta, 82, of Menomonee Falls, took a bus to Oneida Bingo & Casino in June 1998. Pluta was playing the slot machines when a casino worker backed into her chair and knocked her down. Pluta broke some ribs, developed a blood clot in her liver during three weeks in the hospital and accumulated $50,000 in medical bills. Pluta sued the tribe, refused a $20,000 settlement offer and took the case to court in mid-August. The tribe should have cordoned off the area where the casino worker was maintaining the slot machines and the employee should have watched where he was going, Pluta's attorney argued. The tribe argued that it was Pluta's fault because the worker had been using the chair Pluta sat in and Pluta shouldn't have moved it. After four hours of deliberations, jurors decided no one was to blame for the accident. Pluta's attorney, Michael Rohr, said his client may appeal.

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