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Oneida Nation of New York

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The nation recently issued its Silver Covenant Chain Education Grants for the third quarter. The grants, totaling more than $203,000, are designed to help local school districts where the nation has reacquired ancestral lands. Third-quarter payments went to(cumulative grants since January 1996 are in parentheses): Canastota Central Schools, $29,881.76 ($221,513.52; Cazenovia Central Schools, $403.03 ($3,689.24; Madison Central Schools, $2,608.15 ($12,826.70, added in 1999); Morrisville-Eaton, $651.42 ($1,936.44, added this year); Oneida City Schools $26,938.58 ($209,284.85); Stockbridge Valley Central Schools, $29,803.64 ($164,389.29), and Vernon-Verona-Sherrill, $112,939.91 ($1,236,564.08). Grants are based on the cumulative acreage of reservation land the nation has reacquired in each school district as of the first day of the quarter.

Officials of the University of Economics in Prague capped a week-long exchange program with the hospitality and service management college at the Rochester Institute of Technology with a visit to the nation's enterprises. Vice Dean Vaclav Kaspar said the Czechs were particularly interested in seeing the operation at the Turning Stone casino because "all the four-star hotels in Prague have casinos." The visitors said industry has slowly collapsed in the Czech Republic and service-sector jobs are one way to bring employment back in good numbers. Unemployment there is about 22 percent, they said. The visitors met with members of the Men's Council and spent time at the nation cultural center for an introduction to Oneida heritage. Dick Lynch of the Men's Council said he hoped the visitors would "learn from our knowledge of success and failure" and work to revive the republic's economy.

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