Oneida Nation Foundation Donates to Advance Literacy in Central New York


The Oneida Indian Nation has contributed $5,000 to the Friends of the Central Library (FOCL) to support efforts to advance literacy in Central New York communities, states a press release.

Chuck Fougnier, a Wolf Clan member of the Oneida Nation Council and chairman of the Oneida Nation Foundation, recently presented the $5,000 check to the FOCL, which raises funds to support the Libraries of Central New York.

Funds from FOCL also help support adult and children's programming, including the Rosamond Gifford Lecture Series, which has brought more than 100 world-famous authors to Central New York, including Native American authors Sherman Alexie and Louise Erdrich.

“The Oneida Nation is proud to have a wonderful relationship with the FOCL, and we are happy to help support their efforts to provide excellent services and programs to our local libraries,” Fougnier said.

FOCL leaders emphasized they’re passionate about maintaining the health of local libraries—a resource available for people to educate themselves, regardless of their financial situation. The group is also dedicated to fostering natural curiosity in children, as well as enhancing their problem-solving skills, and promoting a love of education and learning.

“The generosity of the Oneida Indian Nation helps keep our programs alive and prosperous," said Edward Kochian, president of FOCL. "These donations help us continue to bring the very best authors, including Native American writers, to our Rosamond Gifford Lecture Series. In tough economic times, when public funding is not plentiful, support for our libraries is critical to provide the tools and resources needed by job seekers and the community as a whole.”