Oneida Indian Nation of N.Y.


ONEIDA NATION HOMELANDS, N.Y. - Separate pushing incidents have embroiled both a supporter and an opponent of the Oneida Indian Nation with the law.

A complaint of harassment against Clint Hill is currently before the Oneida City Court. According to Robert Fritzen, an Oneida Indian Nation police spokesman, the municipal judge is reviewing it to see if it merits issuing a summons.

According to police reports, Hill confronted Diane Shenandoah and her mother Maisie when the two opponents of the Oneida government escorted County Sheriff investigators across Hill's property on Territory Road. Not knowing who the men were, Hill became involved in a "belly-bumping" argument with Diane Shenandoah, which she told Oneida city police pushed her back into her mother and caused Maisie to fall to the ground.

Maisie was taken to the Oneida Healthcare Center, City Police Chief David Meeker told the Syracuse Post-Standard.

Hill's status as Turtle Clan representative to the Men's Council has been uncertain since he was removed from his employment with the Oneida Nation in mid-June after failing a mandatory random drug test, Indian Country Today has learned. He has agreed not to participate in the Men's Council until a clan meeting in September decides on his position, a government official confirms. Hill was chairman of the Oneida Boxing Commission.

Separately, Danielle Patterson, another of Maisie Shenandoah's daughters, will face a criminal trial in Oneida Indian Nation court on charges of criminal contempt of court and second-degree assault on a police officer. The charges date from an attempt by a Nation housing inspector to enter Patterson's trailer last November to enforce a tribal court order to inspect the dwelling.

During the week of July 1, Tribal Court Judge Stewart F. Hancock Jr. upheld two of the charges but dismissed a third of resisting arrest. Patterson is accused of kicking and injuring a Nation police officer who arrested her on the porch of her home.