Oneida Indian Nation of New York


The Oneida and Madison Sheriff's departments have terminated a deputization agreement that allowed 46 Nation police to enforce state laws on Nation property. Oneida Sheriff Daniel G. Middaugh and Madison County Sheriff Ronald Cary said they decided to cancel the agreement only after several months of deliberations with federal, state and local officials and talking to local residents. The cancellation comes of the heels of county legislators asking Middaugh to rescind the six-year deputization agreement with the Nation. "From public policy, it is obvious the area people want it this way." Mark Emery, Nation spokesman, said termination is "no big deal for the Nation" but it will ultimately cost taxpayers since Nation police will only be able to detain people and have to call for local police to make the arrest. "What has happened here is primarily politics over land claims." Middaugh said he anticipates the cooperation will continue between local, state and county law enforcement agencies and the Nation as law enforcement frequently depends on interagency cooperation.