Oneida Indian Nation of New York


An advisory opinion requested by the Nation clarifies the definition of "individual" under Federal Election Commission regulations in such a way that tribes are not subject to the $25,000 limit on an individual's annual political contributions to federal campaigns. It has been estimated this could open floodgates to as much as $1 billion in campaign contributions from tribes cross Indian country. The FEC distinguishes between a "person" and an "individual." Indian tribes have been included as a person (single person, partnership or association subject to $1,000 contributions per candidate). Although tribes have been included as a person under federal election laws, a tribe is not an individual. Therefore, the agency reported, the tribe is not subject to the $25,000 limit on an individual's annual giving. However, the $1,000 limit per candidate remains in effect. An analysis by Ed Zuckerman, publisher of the :Political Finance and Lobby Reporter, shows tribes could give up to $200 million to state party committees, $400 million to political action committees and nearly $375 million to federal candidates.

Boys and girls 7 through 11 are participating in introductory lacrosse lessons in preparation for games which begin July 12 and continue through Aug. 10. The Nation's Recreation and Youth Development Department championship game will be Aug. 24. Practices are scheduled at 6:30 p.m. June 28 and July 6 at the lacrosse box on Territory Road in Oneida.