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Oneida Indian Nation of New York

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Four youth from the Nation participated in the two-week Hamilton College Summer Science Exploratory Program. Will and Amada Kuhl, who attend Stockbridge Valley High School, and Tsilos and Teyekahli:yos Edwards, students at Oneida High School, received hands-on laboratory experience and conducted research with professors. "It was a wicked good opportunity. I learned so much," Teyekahli:yos said. "The professor is going to use our experiments for her college class in the fall." At the conclusion of the two weeks, students guided their parents and staff from the Nation's Education Resource Center through the highlights of their science projects. They explained super conductors that were made from ceramic materials and illustrated how, when cooled, they conduct electricity. Students also were introduced to the electron microscope and its varied uses. The college sponsored the program and provided students with transportation to the campus, as well as a stipend for attending.


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