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Oneida CEO Meets With Hollywood Studios

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The movie mogul of Madison County? It's a possibility for Ray Halbritter, Oneida Nation Representative and CEO of Nation Enterprises, who met with movie studios over the weekend while in Los Angeles to attend the Academy Awards.

Halbritter's goal in talks with studio representatives was to promote Central New York as a filming location for Hollywood movies.

"With its diverse landscapes, universities, lakes, cities and workforce, Central New York is a wonderful place to film a movie," said Halbritter before his trip. "The Oneida Indian Nation has worked for years with Hollywood to address issues related to diversity and environmental awareness in films; we're now building on those relationships in an effort to bring major movie productions to Central New York. Beyond the much needed economic activity movie production would bring to this region, many people living in this area who are trained to work in film production are forced to move elsewhere to find employment opportunities - we hope to change that through this effort."

Halbritter and the Oneida Indian Nation are already a player in the entertainment industry, having started Four Directions Productions, a 3D animation studio, and Four Directions Talent, an agency that seeks to advance American Indian actors, writers, and directors.

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