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One Annular Sensation: Ring of Fire Eclipse Livestreaming From Australia—See it Right Here, Right Now

[node:summary]An annular, ring of fire solar eclipse is visible in Australia on May 9-10.
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The sun and moon are at it again, and this time, like last year over Indian country, the moon is putting a ring on it.

Australians are revving up to watch a ring of fire eclipse, during which the moon moves between Mother Earth and our star, but its disk does not cover that of the sun. The resulting overflow creates what is known as an annular eclipse, because of the fiery ring that surrounds the dark circle of the moon. 

The eclipse is happening at this very moment, May 9 and 10. “Weather permitting, the eclipse will be visible in certain parts of Australia and the Southern Pacific Ocean, where the local time will be Friday,” says.

Last year’s annular eclipse cut right through the Navajo Nation in May, though tradition forbid people from looking at it. (Related: Avert Your Eyes: Eclipse Viewing Taboo in Navajo and Other Cultures and Solar Eclipse Was Viewed by Some Traditional Navajo, While Youngsters Observed Taboo)

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Then last November, Australia saw a total eclipse. Now that part of the world will be treated again, to another heavenly sight. (Related: Total Solar Eclipse to Wow Australia, South Pacific)

This first solar eclipse of 2013 will also be visible in parts of the South Pacific Ocean, including Hawaii, according to There it will be a partial eclipse, but a spectacle nonetheless. 

The Slooh Space Camera is streaming the eclipse live from Australia right now, and so is Worth checking out!