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On the River of Discovery With Cheryl Crazy Bull and Women of Influence

This September, Dr, Cheryl Crazy Bull, of the College Fund, will be the featured guest for “On the River of Discovery with Women of Influence.”
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This September, Dr. Cheryl Crazy Bull, the president and CEO of the American Indian College Fund will be the featured guest for “On the River of Discovery with Women of Influence.”

Page Lambert, who will lead the six-day rafting retreat, says the adventure was inspired by the strong Native American women she has met through her Cherokee husband, John Gritts.

Crazy Bull, Sicangu Lakota, is one of those women. “Her strength is deeply rooted in history yet as contemporary as the Enduring Spirit Award she recently received. As president of the American Indian College Fund, Cheryl is dedicated to educating the mind and spirit of Native people,” Lambert said.

And Crazy Bull is ready for the adventure.

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“I’m thrilled that other women will have the chance to spend six days on the river with you, especially women at the crossroads of life,” Crazy Bull told Lambert. “I anticipate many inspiring conversations as we circle up on the sandy beaches along the Green River.”

So, why have a journey on the river? The 2015 adventure begins and ends in Moab, Utah, taking women through the Majestic Canyons on the Green River. Lambert explained in an email to ICTMN.

“Women have always gathered at the river. It is where we traditionally have come to greet the sun, to cleanse and purify ourselves, to find inspiration, to tell our stories, to create a vision for the future,” she said. “The natural world unleashes powerful creative energy. We rediscover unique parts of ourselves in the natural world and inspire each other in life-changing ways. Empowering discussions will take place at the river'’ edge and continue throughout the day.”

Journals as well as writing and reflection time will be provided to women on the adventure. There will also be optional hiking time and moments to relax on shore.

To learn more about this upcoming River of Discovery happening from September 20-27, visit