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On coins and Cobell

That new coin is a rip off of Native people. The one side is a Native lady, Sacagawea, who was a guide for Lewis and Clark. It’s a coin that was a government failure; nobody carries coins in their pockets anymore.

Nobody wanted this coin, so the government took it off the market, now the government is trying another way to pawn millions of old, unused coins.

I have some of these coins. All the government is doing is using one side of the coin, the same lady, Sacagawea, same baby, same writing as on the first coin. The only thing the government is changing is the date and the back side.

On another matter, the 3.4 billion the government is giving in the Cobell case is too small. The government gives away a lot more than that in Welfare, and foreign aid to all countries of the world. The settlement should have been in the trillions; $1 trillion would have been closer to a fair settlement.

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– H.J. Chase

Kearny, Ariz.