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Olshansky to represent Muslim detainees

WASHINGTON, D.C. ? President Bush said yesterday that the Taliban government is just "the first regime to fall in the war against terror" and that there is still a threat from Al Qaeda and the states he called the "Axis of Evil," in an article published in The Washington Times.

Bush said only two of 12 Al Qaeda leaders have been captured and that Iraq, Iran and North Korea, still pose credible terrorist threats.

An Indian country twist on the war on terror involves Barbara J. Olshansky, a lawyer for the Center for Constitutional Rights. The center is filing a suit alleging unfair and harsh treatment by the Bush administration's prolonged detention of Muslim immigrants in New York City and New Jersey.

Olshansky is also the lawyer representing the Maisie Shenandoah family and other families currently suing the Oneida Nation of New York to oppose its housing inspection program.

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