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Oldest living couple sets world record

DAWSON CITY, Yukon - A Gwichin First Nation couple from the Yukon has done something that no other couple in the world has done.

Joe and Annie Henry will celebrate their 79th wedding anniversary this summer, making them the longest-living, married couple in the world.

They will be inducted into the Guiness Book of World Records this summer.

The First Nations couple, both in their early 100s, were born and raised near the Mackenzie mountains in the north east part of the Yukon.

They are both hard-working, who have lived off the land their whole lives, said Georgette McLeod, a spokeswoman for the Gwichin Band office. Were proud of them and think its great.

According to McLeod, the everybody in the Yukon territory knows them by their first name, not because of their marriage feat, but because they're well-respected elders.

They live traditionally and speak their language and practice their culture, MacLeod said. They live without a phone and were unable to be contacted.

Joe is known for snowshoes he has created his whole life. His snowshoes are very valuable, said MacLeod. Anyone that has them, should hold onto them.

Annie is known for her beadwork, her moccasins and her tanned hides.

The couple has more than 100 children, grandchildren and great-grand children. The Governor General of Canada visited with the couple and offered them congratulations on behalf of the country.