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Oklahoma State University Leads the Nation in Native American Graduates

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A recent report published by Diverse Issues in Higher Education says Oklahoma State University (OSU) tops the nation in Native Americans who graduate with a bachelor’s degree for the second year in a row.

The National Center for Educational Statistics (NCES) reported that for 2009-10 there were 355 Native Americans graduating with bachelor’s degrees from OSU. OSU also ranks first in Native Americans who earn degrees in educational categories including engineering, biological and biomedical sciences, business, architecture and agriculture.

A close second was Northeastern State University with 335 Native Americans graduating and The University of Oklahoma (OU) with 241. Statistics from 2008-09 had Northeastern and OSU tied at 370 bachelor’s degrees for Native students. In social science and history degrees, OU ranked first.

“While we are extremely proud to lead the nation in American Indian graduates for a second year, we recognize the fact that OSU has a tremendous opportunity to help transition many of these students’ undergraduate achievements into graduate school success,” said Dr. Jason F. Kirksey, associate vice president for Institutional Diversity, in a press release on the OSU website. “In addition, as a land-grant institution, OSU is honored and committed to cultivating and strengthening our partnerships with the American Indian nations and communities across the state.”

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According to NCES, of 23,033 students enrolled at OSU, 9.2 percent are American Indian or Alaska Native.

The Oklahoma Gazette pointed out that the NCES statistics didn’t provide information on tribal affiliation or where the students are from.