Oklahoma Encouraging Veterans to Register to Help Improve State Funding


Federal funding handed out to state veteran facilities is based on the respective state’s veteran population, and in an effort to maximize it’s funding for veteran assistance the state of Oklahoma is encouraging its veterans to register with VA.gov according to a press release from Oklahoma’s Secretary of Veterans and Military Affairs office.

Native Americans have long since enlisted in the military at a higher rate per capita than any other ethnicity and Oklahoma is home to more than 20 federally recognized tribes

The government is hoping to provide an accurate count of state veterans and be able to provide fully funded services. Those involved in the military that are counted are active, retired, National Guard and reserve military personnel according to the press release.

“It is vital that every veteran who has served their country be counted,” said Maj. Gen. Rita Aragon (Ret), Oklahoma Secretary of Veterans and Military Affairs in the release. “An accurate count will enable us to secure more services for the vets who need them now and who will need them in the future.”

Veterans can register, and are encouraged, even if you are not seeking benefits.

“We owe our veterans more than a debt of gratitude,” Aragon said. “We owe them the services and benefits they and their families deserve.”

Veterans can go online to http://www.ebenefits.va.gov to register.