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O’Kimosh named director of slot operation

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MILWAUKEE – Potawatomi Bingo Casino has named Jim O’Kimosh as director of Slot Operations.

O’Kimosh will be responsible for overseeing all slot operations, including developing long-term strategies, analyzing the department’s performance from both the technical and personnel standpoints, continually looking at ways to improve the guests’ slot-playing experiences, and ensuring strict adherence to rules set forth by all regulatory bodies.

“I’ve worked very closely with the slot department over the last two years on a number of different projects,” O’Kimosh said. “I’m excited to take this next step in my career and help grow this integral area of the casino.”

O’Kimosh, an enrolled member of the Menominee Tribe, has been with the casino since 2007. Since serving primarily in a role as project manager, he has played a key part in a number of important upgrades, including expansion management, a system upgrade to the casino’s 3,100 slot machines and an enhancement to the casino’s guest bonusing program.

Potawatomi Bingo Casino is one of two casinos owned and operated by the Forest County Potawatomi Community. It is located at 1721 W. Canal Street, in Milwaukee, Wis. The casino is a showcase for high stakes bingo, offering some of the nation’s highest daily payouts. A popular attraction for local guests, tourists and tour groups, the casino features blackjack, craps, poker and roulette table games, video and reel slot machines, and a variety of live entertainment.

Potawatomi Bingo Casino is committed to raising awareness of the risks of problem gambling, maintaining a level of first-class customer service, while investing in its most valuable asset – more than 2,600 multicultural employees. Through the Forest County Potawatomi Community Foundation and Miracle on Canal Street, the casino supports numerous local charities and community organizations. Driving directions and more information about Potawatomi Bingo Casino can be obtained by calling toll-free, (800) PAYSBIG or by visiting the Web site.