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OK Sen. Introduces Bill to Replace Jackson on $20 Bill

Oklahoma Senator James Lankford has introduced a Senate resolution to support removal of Andrew Jackson from the $20 bill.
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Sen. James Lankford (R-OK) introduced a Senate resolution January 21 to support removal of Andrew Jackson from the $20 bill.

“As president, Andrew Jackson’s Indian removal policies led to the forced relocation of millions and the death of thousands of American Indians,” reads a press release from Lankford.

The release also points out how in June 2014, Treasury Secretary Jack Lew announced that a significant woman from American history would be put on the $10 bill. This denomination was chosen because its next on the Treasury’s list of paper currency to be redesigned.

The resolution introduced by Lankford calls on the Administration to instead remove Jackson from the $20 bill.

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“The Administration has already announced they will place a woman on the $10 bill in 2020,” said Lankford in the release. “I support recognition of a historic American woman on the $20 bill and the removal of Andrew Jackson, since he began the Indian removal policies that forced thousands of American Indians off their ancestral homelands.”

The Treasury Department is seeking public input as to which woman should be added to U.S. currency.

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