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Ojibwe and Minnesota governments agree to fishing limits


Ojibwe tribal and Minnesota state biologists agreed to 2002 fishing limits in Mille Lacs Lake that are similar to last year's. The limits are 400,000 pounds of walleye, with 300,000 pounds to the state and 100,000 pounds to be allocated among eight Ojibwe bands. In addition, they set overall limits of 270,000 pounds of yellow perch, 23,000 pounds of northern pike, 24,000 pounds of tullibee and 28,000 pounds of burbot. Since a 1994 court ruling ordered the state and tribes to share fish in the lake, which was part of territory ceded in an 1837 treaty, tribal and state officials meet annually to set limits that will maintain sustainable populations of fish. The lake, in east-central Minnesota, is one of the state's largest. Minnesota Department of Natural Resources announced the limits Jan. 18.