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Ogopogo Lurking? Canada’s Loch Ness Monster Goes Viral

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Ogopogo, Canada's version of the Loch Ness monster, was caught on tape recently—or was it?

The mythical creature may have been lurking below the surface of Lake Okanagan.

References to the monster, whose name comes from an English palindrome, pre-dates European contact, with references appearing in ancient petroglyphs.

“The Salish called it 'snake in the lake'; the Chinook called it 'wicked one' and 'great beast in the lake,' " the Canadian Encyclopedia says.

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The video was taken by Richard Huls of West Kelowna, reported CHBC News, which posted the video.

“It proves something is down there. Whether it’s Ogopogo or not, it is a different story but there is something at least down there,” Huls told the British Columbia television station.

The video has drawn more than 500,000 hits on YouTube and was featured on Good Morning America on ABC Thursday. According to the network, the serpentine monster has been spotted 1,000 times since 1860.