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Obama Wants to Hear Solutions From Native American Youth

President Barack Obama wants to hear ideas to improve Native American communities from Native American youth.
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President Barack Obama has issued a call-to-action to Native American youth. He wants to hear solutions from Native American youth aged 13 to 25 on what they are doing to improve the futures of their communities.

“Across the country Native American young people like you are doing extraordinary things every day to help solve problems in your own communities,” Obama says in the video. “The challenges you face are not small, solving them won’t be easy, but we are making progress and you’re leading the way.”

Interested youth can visit to submit a maximum of 250 words on how they have made a difference. A group of those youth will be chosen to visit the White House in the fall as part of Native American Heritage Month.

Youth can write submissions about themselves or another leader in their community, but each should include a description of the activity, the number of people involved and affected, examples of success, and obstacles facing the efforts, as well as how those obstacles were overcome.

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Submissions will only be accepted from those 25 years of age or younger and youth chosen to visit the White House will be responsible for their own travel and lodging. Submissions are due by September 30.