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Nunavut Arts Festival Raises Funds

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IQALUIT, Nunavut - Nunavut Arts and Crafts Association has secured $40,000
from Canadian Heritage to initiate the fundraising for the fifth annual
Nunavut Arts Festival which is planned for June 18 - 25 in Rankin, Inlet.

The event this year will bring in 50 artists from Nunavut communities to
network with each other, expand their knowledge, learn more about
marketing, meet gallery owners and exhibit and sell their artwork.

There will be seminars, group discussions on the arts in Nunavut,
presentations from galleries, organizations to talk about funding grants,
safety, what makes good art, how to work with a gallery, marketing and

During the event artists will demonstrate their art, sell their work
through NACA's exhibition and participate in workshops in other art
mediums. During the week NACA will hold its annual general meeting where
artists can learn what NACA can do for them, receive an annual general
report, financial statements and have a chance to vote for their regional
representatives on the board.

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The exhibition displays work from more than 100 artists and includes around
1,000 works of art. This year will focus on documenting artists and their
work. Digital images and videos will be taken along with biographies. This
material will be used to produce brochures and videos for artists,
communities, funding agents, government, support organizations and

Information for artists and the public, along with forms in both Inuktitut
and English, are on the NACA Web site: For more
information, contact the NACA office in Iqaluit at (867) 979-7808 and ask
for Jennifer Archer or Beth Beattie.