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NPR Looks at the Christian Movement NAR and Its Rise in Politics

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Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s recent event “The Response” in Texas raised many issues of church and state, but went even further into racism and bigotry. Now it appears Perry is one of many in a Christian movement that is becoming more of a presence in American politics according to an article by NPR.

The movement, New Apostolic Reformation (NAR), had two ministries orchestrate Perry’s rally.

NPR’s show Fresh Air recently had Rachel Tabachnick, researcher of the political impact of the religious right, and Terry Gross discussing this growing movement and its influence and connection to the political world.

Tabachnick shared that the NAR campaign is to reclaim what it calls the “seven” mountains of culture” from demonic influence. She goes on to say that the “mountains” are arts and entertainment, business, family, government, media, religion and education.

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Tabachnick who grew up Southern Baptist and later converted to Judaism discussed the idea of dominionism and what it means to this movement. “Dominionism is simply that Christians of this belief system must take control over the various institutions of society and government…,” she said. An idea that Indian Country Today Media Network’s columnist Steven Newcomb has discussed at length.

She continued to discuss Perry’s rally, the beliefs of this movement and touched on Thomas Muthee’s video series during the interview.