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NPR: For Ailing Vets in Rural Areas, Tele-Medicine Can Be the Cure

A story about an NPR Morning Edition story on tele-medicine, which is connecting veterans in remote areas with doctors in Veterans Affairs hospitals in far-off cities.
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This morning, NPR's Morning Edition reported on "tele-medicine," which is connecting veterans in rural areas, like remote tribal area Wales, Alaska, with doctors in VA hospitals that are hundreds or even thousands of miles away over secure computer connections. For these vets in isolated areas without the ability to easily and readily see a physician, tele-medicine could be the "cure."

"Travel is a big burden on a veteran who may be older, not feeling well," Susan Yeager, who directs the VA health care system for the state of Alaska, told NPR's Quil Lawrence, "and just the sheer expense of travel. That can be a barrier to care and that's part of what tele-medicine's about."

This morning's report follows another outstanding Morning Edition broadcast yesterday a.m. about Alaska's Native veterans, Searching For Veterans on Alaska's Remote Edges.

To read "For Ailing Vets In Rural Areas, Tele-Medicine Can Be The Cure," click here. Also available on that site is a podcast of this morning's broadcast.

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