Not 'anti-immigration'

In a recent article by Babette Herrmann entitled ''The Great Immigration Debate,'' several times she referred to those that are against illegal immigration as ''anti-immigration.'' As a great-grandson to both German and British immigrants, I take offense to that statement.

The majority of us just want our immigration laws enforced. We are not against immigration. Yes, there are those on our side, a minority that are xenophobic. Yes, there are some racists, but those are on both sides of the aisle. Surprisingly, a number of those on our side are immigrants themselves that followed the laws and became legal citizens. That side doesn't get shown much in the news. Also, the vast majority of us are quite aware that California once belonged to Mexico. The pro-illegal immigration folks remind us of that all the time.

It is difficult to find newspeople that are willing to be fair in this argument. I hope that from now on you will at least realize that most of us anti-illegal immigration people are not against immigration; we support legal immigration.

- Josh Sullivan

Granbury, Texas