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No Twilight Saga Here: Celebrate Accurate Quileute Life and Culture at Quileute Days

Not the Twilight Series Wolfpack: Celebrate Quileute Days as a way to learn about the real Quileute Nation

Quileute Days is a great opportunity for the huge fanbase of the Twilightnovels and film series to learn about the true history and traditions of the Quileute Nation that fiction writer and film producer Stephenie Meyer portrayed as vampire-battling Native American shape-shifting werewolves.

The Quileute Nation holds its annual Quileute Days celebration this weekend, July 14 through 16 in La Push, Washington. Traditional events include canoe races, stick games, and dances. Other family-friendly festivities include live music from the Jones & Fischer Band, street dancing featuring DJ Raul and a talent show. Events for youth include a Kids Zone at the Old Community Center, softball, a 5K Family Fun Run, and kids games.

The real culture of the Quileute Nation is not in agreement with the Twilight Series. The tribe has no stories of Vampires known as the ‘Cold Ones,’ but their ancient creation story does recall that the Nation are the descendants of wolves:

“The Quileutes were changed from wolves by a wandering Transformer,” says the tribal history on the Quileute website. “By legend, their only kindred, the Chimakum Tribe, were washed away by flood and deposited near present-day Port Townsend (where they lived until Chief Seattle’s Suquamish Tribe wiped them out in the 1860s), leaving the Quileutes with no known relatives on earth.”

The Quileute wolfpack.

The Quileute wolfpack.

[text_ad]As then-Director of American Indian Studies Center at the University of California, Los Angeles (and informal voluntary Advisor to the tribe) Angela R. Riley stated in her 2010 NYT article Sucking the Quileute Dry:

“ALL the world, it seems, has been bitten by “Twilight.” Conservative estimates place revenue generated from Stephenie Meyer’s vampire chronicles — the books, movies and merchandise — in the billion-dollar range. Scarcely mentioned, however, is the effect that “Twilight” has had on the tiny Quileute Nation, situated on a postage stamp of a reservation, just one square mile, in remote La Push, Wash.”

“The Quileute are eager to share their tribal culture, even if the interest in it was created primarily by Hollywood. Like indigenous peoples around the globe, the Quileute want to be meaningful participants in the treatment of their own cultural property. This means, first and foremost, having their sovereignty and their culture respected by outsiders.”

Riley’s assertions are further underscored by the ongoing Truth vs Twilight project, an online collaboration between the Quileute Nation and the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture: “In the wake of the popularity of the book and film saga, the Quileute Tribe has been forced to negotiate the rights to their own oral histories, ancient regalia and mask designs, and even the sanctity of their cemetery,” Dr. Deana Dartt-Newton writes on the website.

“The phenomena of the Twilight series has had vast economic benefits for Summit Entertainment, Stephenie Meyer, the tiny town of Forks, Washington, and even Nordstrom department stores, but the Tribe whose culture was represented for background fodder in the teenage love story, has seen little benefit.”

For more information about Quileute Days, visit the Quileute Nation website or Quileute Days Facebook page.

Quileute Nation. The Quileute Days celebration takes place July 14-16 in La Push, WA.

Quileute Nation. The Quileute Days celebration takes place July 14-16 in La Push, WA.

Quileute Days La Push 2009 Sweet Song

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Quileute Days, July 14-July 16
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