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No money for Black Hills

The Lakota Nation remains strong and unbending in our stand that we will never accept money for the illegal taking of our sacred Black Hills, which were retained by our ancestors through the 1851 and 1868 Fort Laramie treaties. Our people have a long and bloody history with the United States of America, who violated our treaties to feed their greed for gold and silver, timber and land. Our ancestors gave permission for the colonists of America to only pass through our land, using only the land between the wheels of their wagons as they passed through our territory.

Our ancestors fought and died for our land and territory and our generations maintain the integrity of our 1851 and 1868 Fort Laramie treaties. The Lakota Nation will never accept money for our sacred Black Hills. We call upon all Dakota and Nakota Council Fires to stand with the Lakota for the land our ancestors fought and died for, and to turn your backs to any law firm and or individual who attempts to twist your mind and heart and spirit by the offer of money in exchange for land or the bounty of our Mother Earth.

The Oglala Band of the Lakota Nation issues a war cry against any law firm or individual who speaks the enemy words of accepting money for treaty territory, especially our sacred He Sapa. All men's societies stand up and oust from your homelands any man or entity (like a law firm) that sneaks into camp and entices you, in the role of Iktomi, to be foolish and dance with your eyes closed while they steal our land and put money in your hand.

Hecetuyelo! Hokahey! Lakota Oyate Najinpo! Dakota and Nakota Oyate Najinpo!

- Chief Oliver Red Cloud

Oglala Band of the Lakota NationChief of the Great Sioux Nation