No credit for Clinton

Regarding ''A message we didn't hear at 'Prez on the Rez,''' by Jerry Reynolds (Vol. 27, No. 13). I was surprised that a seemingly smart and informed reporter would try to pass off an extremely far-fetched idea that just because Hillary Clinton was first lady during Bill's presidency that she has worked on, implemented policy, and made ''investments in Indian country,'' virtually by osmosis. This notion is as ludicrous as saying ''my daughter is a ballet dancer, so I am one too.'' It is clear who Reynolds supports, but it is careless journalism to print, much less write an obvious misstatement, even as analysis. Perhaps the piece should have been labeled ''opinion.''

Although we can perhaps respect Mrs. Clinton for other things, we cannot give credit where credit is not due. If Mrs. Clinton has made any clear statements about her Indian policy, it has not hit mainstream America; and perhaps, if she had not declined the invitation to ''Prez on the Rez,'' we all could have judged her knowledge and ideas against the other candidates. It is pretty clear at this time that Bill Richardson is the one and only candidate with the experience and understanding of the state of Indian affairs, and that fact can certainly be proven beyond mere opinion.

- Debra A. Haaland

Laguna Pueblo, N.M.