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No Charges Filed Against White, Off-Duty LAPD Officer Who Fired Gun at Group of Kids

An unidentified LAPD officer was not arrested or charged after a video went viral of the man firing his weapon during a scuffle with students.
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No charges have been filed against a white off-duty LAPD officer who fired his weapon during an altercation with a group of mostly brown and black kids in Anaheim, California, on Tuesday, February 21.

Chief Raul Quezada said there was insufficient evidence to arrest and charge the unidentified off-duty LAPD officer after video surfaced of the man grabbing a 13-year-old boy by the collar after a group of kids walked on his grass, the man alleged.


The off-duty LAPD officer also said the teenager threatened to shoot him.

The boy in the video, who’s the stepson of an officer in Anaheim, said he didn’t threaten to shoot the off-duty LAPD officer, but to “sue” him, CBS Los Angeles reported. The unidentified officer has been removed from the field, according to the Los Angeles Times.

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The altercation began with the unidentified cop ordered the kids to get off his lawn. A young girl in the group said they weren’t on his lawn, but that she simply “grazed it.” Nearing the end of the video, the officer reaches for his weapon and fires a single shot.

Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait said he was “deeply disturbed” by the footage.

“The video shows an adult wrestling with a 13-year-old kid, and ultimately firing a gun,” Tait said, reported CBS Los Angeles. “This has been a blow to our community.”

Protests erupted in Anaheim on Wednesday leading into Thursday in response to the video and the arrest of the teenager and another 15-year-old involved in the altercation. An estimated 300 people marched the streets and 23 were arrested, several were children. A window was broken at the home of the unidentified LAPD officer during the protests, according to reports.

The police officer’s gun has been seized and an investigation is ongoing, authorities said.

The Los Angeles Police Protective League spoke in defense of the officer saying he was physically assaulted and that he has the right to defend himself.