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NIGC offers new database for background information

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WASHINGTON – The National Indian Gaming Commission recently announced new technology available to tribes to obtain background information on prospective license applicants. Through a new system called Tribal Access Portal, tribal gaming regulators engaged in issuing gaming licenses will be able to check whether a license applicant has a history with any other gaming tribe. Along with information provided by the NIGC/FBI fingerprint submission service, the TAP results will help tribes complete a comprehensive background investigation of prospective license applicants.

The TAP system is a secure Web-based, user-friendly system that will be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Tribes that apply for and are granted authorized access credentials to the system will be able to go to the special NIGC TAP Web site and submit a search request to the NIGC database by providing the applicant’s first name, last name and Social Security number.

Displayed within seconds will be a list of tribes that should be contacted for the applicant’s licensing history. Telephone and other contact information for those tribes will also be displayed. Instructions for obtaining access credentials can be found on the TAP Web site.

“As the Indian gaming industry matures, more and more frequently licenses will be sought by individuals who have applied for or been granted licenses by other tribes engaged in Indian gaming,” said NIGC Chairman Phil Hogen in a letter addressed to tribal leaders and regulators. “Verifying applicants’ licensing history with other gaming tribes is challenging, and the National Indian Gaming Commission is extremely pleased to announce a new tool to expedite that process and help ensure that it is comprehensive.”

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