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Nez Perce Tribe Asks Idaho School District to Change Mascots

Idaho Schools' Mascot Debate
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Two Northern Idaho schools with Native American mascots received letters from the Nez Perce Tribal Executive Committee asking the schools to change their names, according ot the Associated Press.

The Lewiston Tribune reported that the Lewiston and Nez Perce School districts are reviewing the recent letters with plans to look at possible changes.

Lewiston School District Superintendent Bob Donaldson said the school board will review minutes from three 1977 board meetings concerning the mascot name. In 1977, the board voted to change Sacajawea Junior High School from the Savages to the Braves after being offered two other alternatives: Trailblazers or Warriors. The board initially voted to keep the name, but change the image accompanying it, said theIdaho State Journal.

The current Nez Perce High School mascot is an Indian. Doug Flaming, Superintendent of the Nez Perce School District, said the district doesn't want to hurt the relationship it has with the tribe and he hopes representatives from the tribe can talk to the board, reported the Idaho State Journal.

"We're still in the discussion stage," Flaming told The Journal.

The district is running a survey allowing the public to weigh in on whether they would support a change and what they suggest it should be. Flaming is meeting with the student council and plans to talk to students as well.

The survey can be found on its website, which also includes space for comments.

"We'll be collecting that information, and once we have that information we'll be sharing it with our board," Flaming told The Journal.