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Nez Perce awaiting salmon recovery plan

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It could be several years before an effective salmon recovery plan is written and the lack of one means dam breaching has a better chance of taking place, Sen. Michael Crapo, R-Idaho, said during an Aug. 16 visit to the Port of Lewiston and the Nez Perce Tribal Hatchery under construction. Breaching the lower Snake River dams would effectively end Lewiston as a port town, port manager David Doeringsfeld said, saying the Corps of Engineers has 'put the impact on the region up around $250 million in losses per year should the dams be removed.' Crapo is asking for $688 million for his salmon plan, $400 more than is being spent now. The money would go to such things as improving salmon habitat and fish hatcheries. The possibility of breaching will be revisited in about 2? years by the National Marine Fisheries which will review the progress of salmon recovery. 'Getting new resources, in the amounts I have requested is very, very difficult,' Crapo said. 'We need to see bipartisan support and we need it to be very vocal. If the Pacific Northwest, on a bipartisan basis, were to stand up and speak strongly ? it would dramatically reduce the time frame to get this implemented.'

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