New York Times Details Dueling Grand Canyon Projects


The Grand Canyon may be one of the largest geological formations on Earth, but its size is no match for the number of battles being fought over how, and whether, to profit from its majesty.

The Navajo Nation is considering, spurred by outgoing President Ben Shelly, a 420-acre, multi-million-dollar resort at the point where the Little Colorado and Colorado rivers meet in northern Arizona. The hotel, restaurants and gondola, known as the Grand Canyon Escalade, would carry tourists to a walkway hovering just above the river at the bottom of the great chasm.

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“But the Escalade is hardly the only challenge facing Grand Canyon National Park these days,” The New York Times notes. “Indeed, this symbol of the national park system seems almost under siege.”

From there it’s on to the specter of potential fee hikes, an Italian suburban-style development proposal and a “bitter contract war” with the enterprise that has operated the existing hotels and restaurants at the canyon’s rim for a century.

Read Where 2 Rivers Meet, Visions for Grand Canyon Clash in The New York Times.