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New York City Native American Heritage Celebration

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On June 3-5 the Redhawk Native American Arts Council hosts its Gateway to Nations, NYC Native American Heritage Celebration held at Brooklyn’s Floyd Bennett Field. The celebration is the largest Native American gathering in New York City, gathering more than 1,000 Native American artists, performers and educators from all over the country.

The festival is alive with song, dance, drumming, food and art and crafts. Those crafts are displayed at more than 40 different artist's booths where their works of art will be on sale, as well as demonstrations on traditional artistic techniques, with special emphasis on Native American culture from the Nations in New York State.

The event kicks off on friday with “Student Day,” where schools, organizations, groups, and the general public are invited to enjoy the event’s special educational programming.

Visitors will get to enjoy various dances, such as Men's Fancy War, Women's Jingle Dress, Hoop Dance and the Samoan Fire Knife, where men spin long knives that are lit on fire. Iroquois Smoke, a special dance where members of the Six Nations of New York State perform the fast and furious steps, was originally done in the Long Houses of the Iroquois Confederacy.

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"The celebration honors not just the rich history and culture of Native Americans but also the contributions they have made to the world—potatoes, tomatoes, corn, rubber, gum and the democracy we enjoy as Americans," the Redhawk Native American Arts Council said in a press release.

For more information on the festival, or the Redhawk Native American Arts Council, call (718) 686-9297 or visit