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Canyon Records, Red Feather Music release albums

PHOENIX - Canyon Records has announced the release of four new albums featuring courting and social Round Dance songs, Northern-style pow wow music and a unique recording of vocals that meld with Mayan flute, percussion and atmospheric guitars.

With spine-tingling singing anchored by the beat of the drum, two-time GRAMMY nominee Northern Cree remains one of North America's greatest pow wow drum groups. Their latest release is ''Calling All Dancers,'' the last installment of Round Dance recordings from the April 2006 Round Dance events held in Canada. Featuring some of Canada's finest Round Dance singers, this live recording captures all the sounds, humor and lively singing of one of the largest Round dances ever held in Canada.

Northern Cree, of Saddle Lake, Alberta, has been honored with multiple awards, including three GRAMMY nominations for ''Long Winter Nights'' in 2007, ''Rockin' the Rez'' in 2002 and ''Still Rezin'' in 2003. Northern Cree was named Northern Drum Champion at the 2005 Gathering of Nations held in Albuquerque, N.M.

''Blue Scout'' marks the ninth recording by championship drum group Tha Tribe. Featuring some of the finest singers drawn from all four directions, these original pow wow songs recorded live in Parker, Ariz., reflect the heart of Native America and the energetic pulse of the pow wow trail.

Led by singer and songmaker Wayne Silas Jr., Tha Tribe is a multi-Native American Music Award nominee. Most recently, the group received a double nomination for group of the year and best pow wow album, ''Best of Both Worlds - World One,'' in 2005.

For 20 years, Black Lodge, led by Kenny Scabby Robe, has been on of the premier drum groups on the pow wow trail. ''Watch This Dancer!'' marks the group's 22nd album with Canyon Records. Known for ever-popular songmaking and tight ensemble sound, this multi-GRAMMY nominee presents the very best of northern-style singing and drumming.

''Watch This Dancer!'' displays their creativity and innovation as a traditional drum group with original compositions. The group is comprised largely of Robe's 12 sons, all residents of White Swan, Wash.

In 1994, Black Lodge was a GRAMMY nominee in the Best Traditional Folk Album category for its collaboration with R. Carlos Nakai and William Eaton on the album, ''Ancestral Voices.'' In 2001, ''Tribute to the Elders'' was nominated for Best Native American Album and in 2002, ''Weasel Tail's Dream'' was nominated in the same category.

''The Color of Morning'' features the harmonized vocal chants of GRAMMY-winning singers Verdell Primeaux and Johnny Mike that melds with Mayan flutes and percussion within a sonic mist of shadowy atmospheric sounds. This unique recording also features musicians Xavier Quijas Yxayotl, Mayan double clay flute, wind whistle, death whistle and clay bird whistle; Steven Butler, acoustic and electric guitar, keyboards and programming; and Stephen Frailey, additional acoustic and electric guitars and programming.

Primeaux and Mike have many recordings that have pioneered the sounds of healing chants as heard on their GRAMMY award-winning album ''Bless the People,'' as well as the more contemporary style of song heard on this recording.

Canyon Records, headquartered in Phoenix, has produced and distributed traditional and contemporary American Indian music for 56 years. For more information on Canyon, its artist and for sound clips, visit www.canyonrecords.com.

Red Feather Music

ARVADA, Colo. - The Red Feather Music label has announced the release of two new albums: ''Wind of the West'' by Sacred Earth with special guest Bill Miller and ''The Shape of Light'' by Jeff Ball.

Sacred Earth's ''Wind of the West'' is the first of a four-album set based on the four directions. This album lights the sacred ceremonial fires of the soul with emotional vocal performances by Mohican GRAMMY-winner Miller.

The Native flute, guitars and rhythms of Sacred Earth are sculpted into a musical feast for the soul by multi-GRAMMY nominated producer Peter Kater. This contemporary musical journey through the depths of the soul is deeply rooted in the traditions of surrender to the mysteries carried deep within the sacred earth.

Throughout the world, people of diverse cultures and spiritual traditions recognize the energies of the Four Winds, the four cardinal directions. Many believe that by facing west, the direction of the setting sun, the coming nighttime and darkness, the hidden mysteries of the self are revealed. With the help of the West Wind, the journey of personal healing and transformation is begun.

Jeff Ball, a premier player of wooden American Indian flutes, and his band have always been on the cutting edge of contemporary Native flute music. On his seventh album, ''The Shape of Light,'' the artist brings together one of the world's oldest melodic instruments with one of the newest.

Ball plays the flute in a traditional style amid a tapestry of other instruments including cello, violin, piano and acoustic guitar. Guest artist Arvel Bird from the Shivwit Paiute tribe is the best-known Native violinist. Guest artist Peter Phippen is an innovative performer of flutes.

Ball and his gathering of talented friends and family create introspective melodies with new and ancient musical instruments.

For more information or to purchase these albums, visit www.fourwinds-trading.com.